About us

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We have spent countless hours in a dusty, magnesium filled hall, learning tricks of the trade. Like countless other gymnasts around the world we experienced the rigorous methodological training and benefited from experience brought to us by our coach and older gymnasts training beside us. We were lucky, we were able to focus on picking up new skills as quickly as we possibly could. Only much later we became aware of how few gymnast actually enjoy this privilege. Many gymnast train in less rigorous gymnastic centers around the globe, are more autonomous or through time and hard work outgrow motivation or curiosity of their trainers. We also noticed lack of intuitive resources all of us could rely on. Our goal is to develop a system to help gymnasts of all ages and expertise to find the appropriate elements to learn, discover gymnastics and hopefully encourage more people to try this amazing sport. We look forward to sharing metagymnastics with you, other gymnasts and enthusiast around the world and hopefully help you thrive in this challenging sport.

The Team

Matej Žnidarič
Idea, initial concept, development and editing of gymnastics elements
Žiga Kališnik
Initial concept, editing of gymnastic elements